McGuffin Conviction Overturned Based on DNA Evidence

BREAKING NEWS! FJP Client Nicholas McGuffin’s Conviction is Overturned Based on DNA Evidence. The Malheur County Circuit Court has overturned the conviction of Nicholas McGuffin after his post-conviction legal team proved the existence of exculpatory DNA evidence that was never disclosed to the jury. Mr. McGuffin was convicted in 2011 and has spent nine years […]

FJP Director Janis Puracal on Double Loop

Glenn Langenburg and Eric Ray host weekly discussions about latent prints, scientific research, and current events in forensics on their podcast Double Loop. They sat down with FJP Director Janis Puracal to talk about exonerations, innocence, and forensics:

OCDLA Death Penalty Defense Conference

EVENT:  FJP Director Janis Puracal speaking at the OCDLA Death Penalty Defense Conference on October 26, 2019, at 10:15 a.m.  Ms. Puracal will talk about developments in forensics over the past year and how we can use those developments in Oregon.  Info here:

FJP on the Road!

FJP on the road! Director Janis Puracal speaking at the Innocence Network Conference in Atlanta with Professor Lauren McLane! Talking about how we learn complex forensics and then apply what we’ve learned in wrongful conviction cases.