Ensuring Sound Science in the Courtroom

The Forensic Justice Project helps attorneys in criminal cases understand and challenge faulty or misleading forensic evidence.  FJP also helps attorneys to develop sound scientific evidence where appropriate, and we provide representation for defendants asserting factual innocence in DNA-related cases.

FJP steps into cases at all phases, whether pre-trial, appeal, or post-conviction.

What We Do


Investigate and litigate cases to exonerate the men and women who have been wrongfully convicted in cases that involve forensics.

Change the Law

Work to improve Oregon law through strategic litigation in select cases involving forensics.

Associate as Counsel

Partner with other lawyers to address forensics in their cases, either by appearing as co-counsel or collaborating behind the scenes, regardless of guilt or innocence.

Educate and Train

Educate and train other lawyers to address forensics in criminal cases.


Appear as amicus curiae to help educate the courts on issues that relate to forensics.

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